Great Mathematicians of the World-ISA ACTIVITY

"Acquire knowledge. Acquire skills. They weigh nothing, and you can carry them with you all your life.”

Our journey to ISA has been extremely gratifying and enriching which enabled us to explore the teaching-learning patterns of other countries and incorporate the same in our approach and technique of imparting tutelage to our bourgeoning RPSians.

As a part of ISA action plan, RPS International School Sec-89 planned and executed ‘Great Mathematicians of the World’-  a display board activity on Thursday, July 11 2019 for classes VI -VIII.

The students showcased their research work on Great Mathematicians of India, Iran and China. They displayed  their accomplishments and how the mathematicians used their mathematical abilities to make their mark on the world. Application skills went hand in hand with students' advance numeracy skills as well as problem solving skills. Students displayed the astounding and remarkable work of great mathematicians like Aryabhata, Maryam Mirzakha…

Cuisines Across the Globe-ISA Activity B

“YOU HAVE TO TASTE A CULTURE TO UNDERSTAND IT.” -DEBORAH CATER ISA project titled ‘Cuisines Across the Globe’ was served as a lavish spread which tickled the taste-buds of the students of Class IX & XI on Thursday May 23,2019 with pot-full of knowledge. A mini kitchenette was set up in the school for the “Connoisseur’s concoction” in which Dr.Roopa Marwaha Bhalla,School Principal gave a live demo on preparing lip-smacking dishes like( Dal Makhani ,Palak Paneer,Dhania-Pudina Parantha)Indian, (Cream of Cucumber Soup, Pasta in Mushroom Sauce,Veg Pizza)Italian and (Tom Yum Soup, Fruit Salad in coconut cream dressing,Vegetable in Red Curry with steamed rice )Thai. Students had the opportunity to roll into a culinary coup that led to a complete seizure of taste buds. They were motivated to research the origin of various spices and herbs used in the food of India, Italy & Thailand like whole spices, curry leaves, red…